Welcome to the CogEval™ Frequent Asked Questions

For App support, please contact cogeval-support@biogen.com.

Which versions of iPad does CogEval support?

CogEval is supported on iPads 5th generation or later with a screen size of 9.7 (24.6 cm) or greater. iPad minis are not supported.

Are there other technical requirements associated with CogEval?

CogEval version 1.3 is compatible with iOS 13 or greater. CogEval version 1.2 is compatible with iOS 11 and 12. Wi-Fi is required to use AirPrint functionality.

How are patient data and test results stored?

Patient data and results are not saved or stored in CogEval. Results can be manually entered into a patient's health record, and/or printed to an Air-Print enabled printer. After navigating away from the results screen, the results are erased and cannot be viewed again.

How are adjusted Z-Score calculated?

Adjusted Z-Scores are based on the raw PST score and on demographic inputs to the application.  They are calculated based on a regression model derived from a normative study.

What is the normative model based on?

A multi-site normative study enroled healthy volunteers recruited in the United States, with enrolment for ages 10-89 years inclusive. Adjusted Z-scores are based on a sample size of 270 patients aged 18 years or older. Individuals less than 18 years of age are excluded due to the small paediatric sample size among the 270 health volunteers.

Why does the adjusted Z-Score show up as “N/A” for some patients?

Adjusted Z-Scores are reported only for individuals whose demographic characteristics are within the range of their associated normative study. An adjusted z-score will be shown for patients from 18-89 years of age.

I would like to see a Z-Score based on my country-specific population? How do I go about this?

A normative study must be conducted in the reference population of interest. If you are interested in designing, conducting, or sharing results from a normative study in order to develop a normative model, please contact cogeval-support@biogen.com.

I forgot my Access Code. How do I reset it?

Your access code is required to view results and to modify the parameters in the Setup screen. Do not share the access code with your patients. If you forget your access code, you can reference the Master Code in the CogEval User Guide in the App. After entering the Master Code, you will be prompted to create a new access code.

I recently updated CogEval and am required to register even though I was already using CogEval. Why is this?

Starting in CogEval version 1.3, the App includes a one-time, in-App registration process. You are no longer required to register via the Web and wait for an HCP identifier. Previous registration information was not migrated; therefore, existing CogEval members must re-register.

I would like to use CogEval in my Country, but it is not available on the App store.

CogEval is available in most countries in Europe, South America, and North America. There is limited availability of CogEval in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. If you are interested in using CogEval in your country, please contact cogeval-support@biogen.com.

How do I get technical support for the App?

If you are having technical issues, please contact cogeval-support@biogen.com.

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